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Who We Are
CHL's mission is to empower nonprofits and give businesses the opportunity to succeed. 

CHL is a team of qualified consultants committed to assisting your organization with its main needs.


Our vision is to be recognized as the premier comprehensive nonprofit consulting company for nonprofits and businesses.


Our experienced team members provide assistance in a a variety of areas from donor development and retention consulting to grant writing and strategic planning. You name it, and we've got you covered.

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Michael Dozier

Michael (AKA The Nonprofit Guy) is a former nonprofit CEO who has managed a nonprofit organization with a budget of $21,000,000 with a staff of 300 people. 

Michael is committed to ensuring that your nonprofit is ready and able to take the next steps in being successful!

Principal, Founder, and CEO

  • Donor development, fundraising, major gift solicitation and legal nonprofit  compliance assistance

  • Peer to peer fundraising assistance 

  • Developing nonprofit development offices for fund development

  • Board and fund development for general operational assistance

  • Effective Best Practice strategies for nonprofits 

  • Executive director coaching and assistance


  • Developing effective policies and procedures documents as required by the IRS 

  • Effective nonprofit internal controls assistance 

  • Developing strategic nonprofit boards

  • Developing effective succession planning and setting CEO salaries as required by the IRS

  • Comprehensive trainer for nonprofit members, volunteers and other key stakeholders

Our Core Values
Our Founder
Kellie Agueze

Founder, Warrior Nation Ministries

"I call Michael a walking encyclopedia! An investment well worth investing in."

Sheila Tolbert

Founder, Sheila Tolbert Ministries Incorporated

"It has been a pleasure to work with Michael Dozier because he is extremely committed to the success of my organization."

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